Quotes from some of our customers:

Les Bessedes

“Superb and lovely home, superb pool, superb weather, lovely Dordogne. All in all a lovely holiday”
“Super accommodation”
“ We were flabbergasted by the enormous size of the house and garden”
“We totally fell in love with this house and hope to return once again”
“We enjoyed the seclusion and tranquillity that is Bessedes”
“We had a lovely holiday in this fantastic house. The pool and space the ambiance of Bessedes. Wonderful. We hope to return one day with the rest of the family”
“Never anything better”


“Everytime we come to the Dordogne we are surprised by its beauty. We are convinced that Rouffignac is one of the best places in the Perigord.”
“ The wildlife is fabulous. One week was not enough .We will be back!”
“We loved the peace and quiet that this charming and beautiful place has to offer”
“We have had a very happy holiday and we will definitely return again.”
“The housekeepers were really kind and helpful”

Les Roses

“ We have had a wonderful time, a lot of sun in a marvellous country in a NICE HOME”
“We loved the house, the comfortable and well decorated interior and beautiful gardens. Our boys loved the swimming pool”
“ Thanks to Simon and Linda for great housekeeping”
“The housekeepers were really kind and helpful”
“Once again we have had a fabulous holiday. Great memories!”